This is the place to find more detailed instructions for all of the various pages on my site.


  1. Prayer Requests
  2. Videos
  3. Chat
  4. Todo
  5. File Sharing
  6. Barrel Racing Current Rider

Prayer Requests:

Recieve prayer requests:

  1. Type in your email address where it says "Recieve Prayer Requests"
  2. If you were given a code, type it in the box that says "PARISH". Otherwise leave this blank.
  3. Click "Submit"
  4. Check your email. There should be a message from It may be in your spam folder.
  5. Open the message. Click the verify button at the buttom. (If your email app shows input boxes containing your email address, parish code, etc, please disregard these.)
  6. You will now recieve prayer requests.

Submit a prayer request:

  1. Where it says "nickname" type your name or a nickname if you prefer anonymity.
  2. Choose the group you'd like to send the request to. Selecting Public will send it to all groups. Messages sent to Testing are not sent and are used only for debugging purposes.
  3. Enter your prayer request in the text box.
  4. Click submit.
  5. Please wait for the page to load, your request is being sent.

Modify your email, parish group, remove your email.

This can currently only be done manually. Contact if you want to modify your preferences.


This page shows all of the video projects I've uploaded. Click to video in Clicking subscribe subscribes you to my youtube channel.


This is a very simple chat widget.

  1. Click "chat" on the menubar.
  2. A box should appear with messages in it. (If it does not, your browser may not be supported. Visit instead.)
  3. To send a message, type it into the oval at the bottom of the box and click "send".
  4. Messages will update automatically
  5. To clear the list of messages, click "clear". (Please be courteous and do not delete other user's messages without their permission.)


At time of writing this is a private project. Attempts to use it will require you to sign into my account. Unless something has changed, and I have made this page public, please don't attempt to use it.

Add a task:

  1. Enter your task where where it says "Task"
  2. Press enter
  3. Your task will be added to this page. In the future, I may figure out a way to add it to ms todo. APIs are scary.

Delete a task:

  1. Enter the number (shown to the left of the task) of the task you want to delete.
  2. Click "Delete".

Reorder a task:

  1. Enter the task's current number in "Task to move"
  2. Enter the position you want to move the task in "Position to move task"
  3. Click "Move"
  4. For example, to move task #8, to position #1, enter "8" in the first box, "1" in the second, and click move.

There may be an embedded todo list on this page also. This depends on the app I'm using at the time. I'm not writing instructions on all of the functionality of a given third party app. Your best bet is to google "<thing you want to do> in <app you're using>."

File Sharing

Upload a file:

  1. Click "Browse..."
  2. Select the file you want to upload.
  3. Click "Upload"
  4. The file will be saved to and listed below.
  5. File uploads are deleted every day at midnight Mountain Time.

Download a file:

  1. Click on the file name (Below "Uploaded files (Available until midnight tonight):")
  2. Depending on the file type, it may begin to download immediatly, or the file may open in your browser.
  3. If the file opens in your browser, right click on it, and click "Save file as", or "Save image as", or something similar.

Delete a file:

Files are deleted at midnight. Please don't upload anything you don't want made public. If you urgently need to delete a file, you can email and I'll delete it manually.

Note: At time of writing, only: 'txt', 'pdf', 'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', and 'gif' are supported. If you would like me to add support for a filetype, email

Barrel Racing Current Rider

To increase by one

  1. Click green '+' button

To decrease by one

  1. Click red '-' button

To set to another number

  1. Click the number
  2. Type desired value
  3. Press enter

Embed into another website

  1. Find the embed option in your website builder of choice
  2. Paste this:
    <iframe src=""><iframe>

Use two counters at once

  1. This is not supported right now. If you want this feature, contact me.