Welcome to jforseth.tech

Hello! My name is Justin Forseth and this is my little corner of the internet: A website I've created for testing, and experimenting and trying new things. The whole thing is powered by a Raspberry Pi, which works really pretty well.

I'm not always great at maintaining this page, but if you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you.

My projects so far:

Prayer Requests:

Prayer request page screenshot.

A simple tool I created to allow members of my church to exchange prayer requests.


Matomo page screenshot.

I didn't create this, but it's running on my server. Matomo analytics allows me to see visit history.


Pleroma page screenshot.

Pleroma is a self-hosted alternative to the major social media sites. It's federated, meaning it interacts with other pleroma servers, around the world.


Nextcloud page screenshot.

Nextcloud is a cloud storage site, like G-Suite, except it's self hosted. Didn't make it myself (obviously), but it comes in pretty handy.


Video page screenshot.

In my free time I make videos about farming, ranching, events I go to, and whatever else I feel like. You can find them here.


Messenger page screenshot.

A simple little popup widget I made as a challenge.

Todo list:

Todo page screenshot.

A simple todo list I created for personal use. Not available to general public.

Horseshoe Art:

Horseshoe art homepage screenshot.

My brother is a welder who makes horseshoe art, which you can look at and order from here.


Email inbox screenshot.

Created so I didn't have to deal with Gmail to send prayer requests. Allows me to create custom email addresses for use on the site. Uses Postfix, Dovecot, and Rainloop.

File Sharing:

File sharing page screenshot.

A simple file sharing service I created. Upload a file to the server download it on another device. All uploads are public and are wiped at midnight.

Barrel Racing Current Rider:

Counter widget screenshot.

A widget I made for a friend to help her keep track of which rider is currently up for barrel racing.


Account page screenshot.

Mostly used to prevent the general public from using personal/admin tools, not needed for prayer requests or anything else.


Writer UI screenshot.

A simple text editor. Built on Summernote, it's kinda like Google Docs, but with less features. On the plus side, it doesn't sell your data to advertisers.